MALI Class 7

MALI Class 7


Silicon Valley is one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the country. The Multicultural Arts Leadership Institute (MALI) leverages the incredible variety of artistic, cultural, and subcultural expressions in the region. We believe that the inclusion of these cultural experiences can provide marginalized communities with a sense of power, authority, and influence to create change.  

What We Do

Through our year-long training program, we develop local multicultural arts practitioners by giving them the technical skills, philosophical underpinnings, and networking opportunities necessary to grow and sustain their individual work, organizations, and arts sector in Silicon Valley. Our impact is documented in, “We Are Enough: Equity, Inclusion, and Emergent leadership in Silicon Valley’s Multicultural Arts Community” — a brown paper commissioned by the School and authored by Dr. Maribel Alvarez.

Since 2008, 119 artists have completed the program of which 24 are in director level positions, 22 are Small Business Owners, 8 are Artist Laureates, and 5 work in government.


How MALI Works

MALI is a year-long training program that brings together a cohort of up to 12 arts professionals of color who live or work in the Silicon Valley arts, cultural, and entertainment eco-systems. MALI utilizes day-long seminars, guest speakers, and an annual service trip to achieve the following goals:

  1. To identify future and emerging multicultural arts leaders.

  2. To develop and deliver a training program that will provide these individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to stabilize or grow their organizations and businesses.

  3. To equip these leaders to successfully participate in community forums, initiatives, and boards, both to address specific community issues and to advocate for a strong and healthy multicultural arts community.

  4. To build self-sustaining networks of multicultural arts leaders for the purpose of resource sharing, knowledge sharing, and potential artistic collaboration.


How To Apply

If you are a person of color who is deeply engaged in Silicon Valley’s arts, culture, and entertainment sectors, then MALI might be the right professional development program for you. If you are interested in participating in MALI Class 12 (2019-2020 program year), please fill out the APPLICATION.