Our Vision

We envision a world where creativity inspires compassion and vibrant communities.

Our Mission

The School of Arts and Culture at MHP catalyzes creativity and empowers community.

Our Values

CREATIVITY: We believe in the transformative power of the arts. Creativity is the foundation of our humanity.

HERITAGE: Heritage encompasses cultural traditions and foundations that groups share. We connect to our collective past experiences as they inform and help to define current contexts and future hopes. We celebrate our heritage even as we create new experiences.

INCLUSION: Inclusion is a state of belonging. The School believes that the equitable access to resources ensures a thriving community. Therefore, the Mexican Heritage Plaza is open and welcoming to everyone.

PLACE: The concept of place is broader than a single facility. As an anchor organization for East San Jose, the School of Arts and Culture activates the vibrancy and celebration of our local community. We take pride in the richness and potential of our Eastside neighborhoods.

SERVICE: The School considers itself a servant of the community. We recognize that in order to inspire leadership, we must approach every interaction from a place of humility and respect.

Our Strategic Priorities

  1. We inspire the creativity of the community to build social cohesion (activates the value of creativity and heritage).

  2. We commit to the local community’s continued access to the Mexican Heritage Plaza and the programs of the School of Arts and Culture at MHP (activates the value of place and inclusion).

  3. We activate the Mexican Heritage Plaza as a creative hub for San Jose (activates the value of place and creativity).

  4. We earn and maintain the respect of everyone we serve (activates the value of service and inclusion).