To achieve our vision of inspiring compassion and vibrant communities, we must work together with cross-sector partners. We are successful because of our collective strength.

¡Juntos hacemos la fuerza!

Si Se Puede! Collective (SSPC) Partners

The Collective is comprised of five community organizations, including Amigos De Guadalupe, Grail Family Services, the School of Arts and Culture, SOMOS Mayfair, and Veggielution. We work in concert toward the realization of a simple and ambitious vision:

Mayfair is a rooted and thriving community where resilient families have confidence in their gifts, choices and dreams.

Our collective investment in our communities, families, and future will result in:

  1. A shared vision and sense of belonging that honors the artistic and cultural identity of Mayfair and our residents.

  2. Quality learning opportunities for all children with a focus on success in school and life.

  3. Culturally competent youth who can navigate, experience, and contribute to the broader world.

  4. Culturally competent, impactful, and coordinated services and resource referrals to meet the needs of families.

  5. Community-led advocacy and organizing efforts for policy and systems change.

  6. Smart development without displacement in the Mayfair community.

Our organizations have started walking the talk by doing business differently in Mayfair, and holding up community expectations and values with any other organization doing business in Mayfair. We strive for shared leadership, transparent decision-making, and ambitious goals that will make the difference in residents’ lives and reverberate across the entire community.

Core Multicultural Institution Partners

Annually, the School works with over 60 partners to activate the Plaza. We work with local artist, multicultural institutions, and non-profits to provide relevant, multicultural programming for our diverse community. Core partners include:

  1. Calpulli Tonalehqueh: is an Aztec dance and cultural diffusion group based in San Jose.  Their name means "community of guardians who accompany the sun" in the Náhuatl language.  Their mission is to create spaces for, facilitate the practice of, and promote community health through indigenous Mexican culture.

  2. Cashion Cultural Legacy: is a foundation dedicated to sustaining the preservation, presentation, and education of Mexican folk culture through dance.

  3. Los Lupeños de San José: is a Mexican folk dance company that was founded in 1969. They provide programming to youth and adults throughout San Jose.

  4. Sangam Arts: is a non-profit that provides an innovative platform for artists from diverse backgrounds to come together to co-create world-class music and dance performances.

  5. San Jose Taiko: is a pioneer in contemporary taiko (the Japanese word for drums) and have been instrumental to the growth of the art form, helping to nurture an ecosystem that now supports more than 500 groups spread throughout North America.

  6. SV Creates: is a network of leaders who care about the cultural and aesthetic quality of life in Silicon Valley. They are conveners, promoters, incubators, and investors in Silicon Valley’s creative ecosystem. 

  7. Teatro Visión: is a Chicanx theater company with more than three decades of service to the community. Their work amplifies the voices of Latinxs, creates a dignified and empowering sense of identity, inspires action, builds respect and understanding, and explores the social and psychological experiences of Latinxs.