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Arts Education

Through our School Year and Summer Programs, we offer East San Jose youth quality student learning opportunities in the arts. In addition, our classes are bilingual (English and Spanish); we aspire to promote pride in our students culture, including their linguistic heritage. Equally important, we remove financial barriers by offering instruments, materials, and financial aid support. Annually, we serve 800 students.

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Community engagement

Since its inception, the School has been charged with activating the Mexican Heritage Plaza - the home of the School. Our vision is to create a vibrant Mayfair; a Mayfair where culture, language, and legacy is celebrated. It is important for the School that our programming be accessible to the local community. Our Community Engagement Program does just that. Annually, we curate events that bring community together, last year alone the school served 29,800 residents through our Community Engagement Program. Events range from theatre performances to educational workshops, to name a few. Signature events include: La Ultima Parada, Fiesta Navideña, and Celebrate Mayfair.


MALI Program

The Multicultural Arts Leadership Institute (MALI) is a leadership development program for local artists. Annually, 10 local artist go through a rigorous 12-month training that not only equips them with the skills to stabilize and grow their businesses, but also shows them the importance of advocacy to create a strong and healthy multicultural arts community. Since its inception in 2008, over 100 artists have completed the program and gone on to positions of leadership or become artist laureates.