Welcome By New Executive Director


I am incredibly grateful and humbled for the opportunity to lead the School of Arts and Culture at MHP as its new Executive Director.

As the daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico and El Salvador, I know firsthand the impact that arts and culture can have to build pride, preserve our heritage, and fuel community and economic development.

I joined the School during an exciting time. Having completed a year-long strategic plan, the School is poised to deepen our impact in youth programming, the leadership development of local artists, and the activation of a local gem that brings thousands of people from different walks of life together.

My predecessor and mentor, Tamara Alvarado, set the stage for us to take the next step in the evolution of the School’s work to:

  • Become an expert in the leadership development of multicultural artists

  • Develop an advocacy arm to champion our local creative community and neighborhood

  • Convene and celebrate community through culturally relevant and accessible programming

The release of the School’s MALI Brown Paper is a testament to the caliber of our work, the passion and expertise of our Team, and what the future holds for the School. It is our hope that you will Join Us in this movement.

With gratitude,

Jessica Paz-Cedillos

Executive Director